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Just Develop It was created with the aim of providing simple online solutions to the mass market in today's complicated world of the internet.

Our founders have a wealth of experience in various online and technical industries and with the business world so heavily focused on buying and selling online it made perfect sense to develop a variety of online services to help everyday people online.

Back in 2007, Intellichat was one of Just Develop Its first companies which helps increase conversions for a wide variety of online products via a virtual chat agent. The JDI team put everything into the product and Intellichat became the instant success we knew it would and within a few months was considered a market leader.

With Intellichat charging forward, the team focused on building up the other companies under the umbrella. In the early stages this included Vintage Pig a customized merchandise service - the creative string in JDI's bow, and Grab A Laptop, providing refurbished leading brand laptops at competitive prices.

Just Cloud backs up your music, videos, documents, finanacials, emails, itunes, photos and pictures and stores them in our virtual cloud. You can then access the files from any device with an internet connection anywhere in the world.

The team in Fareham has drastically grown since the early days to allow for each of our companies to have a dedicated team, 100% focused on developing and growing each business. One of the main reasons why each company is so successful under the Just Develop It umbrella, is because there is such a variety of ideas, skills, experience and goals housed in each team. Each time a new company is suggested, such as PC Speed Doctor JDI's latest venture, input will be taken from each team to ensure the best paths are followed to help the company succeed.

The number of companies in Just Develop It's pipeline at any time is always shocking as you wouldn't believe there was enough hours in the day, but that's always been the JDI way. Future projects include an online backup service and as you can guess from our past efforts, the dedication that will go into these projects to get them to the top will be unchallenged.